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Turbocharge eLearning with Infusionsoft Membership Technology
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LearnDash Overview

Turbocharge eLearning with Infusionsoft Membership TechnologyLearnDash is a feature-rich WordPress LMS that provides cutting edge elearning methodology for WordPress based web sites. In addition to the plugin itself, the company provides practical and experience driven guidance for setting up online courses. LearnDash has become the most trusted WordPress LMS plugin for major universities, continuing education providers, and entrepreneurs world-wide.


Infusionsoft is a web-based system that brings together e-commerce, marketing and customer segmentation into a system automated by their drag-and-drop Campaign Builder interface.

The key function of Infusionsoft is its ability to implement work flow processes, which are usually used for sales and marketing teams, but can be applied across many areas of the business. By automating processes, Infusionsoft enables businesses to present a consistent experience to their prospects and clients.

LearnDash and Infusionsoft

By coordinating Infusionsoft’s tags and workflow automation with LearnDash’s interactive learning based system, you can use:

Advanced Infusionsoft integration: Start or stop different campaign builder sequences, apply a Infusionsoft tags, or run a specific Infusionsoft actionset when the member completes any part of a LearnDash course, including lessons, topics, and quizzes.

Sell LearnDash courses & create unlimited free, trial or paid membership levels: Create an unlimited number of tags or membership levels and connect these to specific LearnDash courses to create different membership bundles, that unlock the content and enroll the users on purchase.

Start or stop Infusionsoft campaign builder sequences based on course progress: Start or stop different campaign sequences, or achieve different campaign goals when a student completes a specific course, lesson, topic or quiz.

Offer targeted one-click upsells upon completion of a specific LearnDeash activity: Redirect students to an upsell offer upon completion of a specific LearnDash course, lesson, topic or quiz. You can offer targeted 1-click upsells to existing paid students and relevant offers based on a customer’s past buying history.

Track course progress with Infusionsoft tags: Apply Infusionsoft tags when a student completes any individual LearnDash course, lesson, topic or quiz.

The Elements of a Course

Your training content is naturally broken into courses. Each course is like a single class or subject material. Courses consist of lessons, topics and quizzes. A course cannot be marked complete until the lessons, topics are completed and all quizzes are passed.


Memberium controls the visibility of your content, including LearnDash’s course materials. However, in order to participate in a course, the member must be also enrolled in the course. You can easily automate the member being enrolled into courses by setting their Auto-Enrollment tags so that the courses are automatically enrolled during login. You can read more about how to auto-enroll your students here.


LearnDash Lessons allow you to break your courses into individual “lessons”. A lesson can have an unlimited number of lesson topics, much like a course can have an unlimited number of lessons. A lesson cannot be marked complete until all topics in that lesson have been marked as complete.


LearnDash Topics allow you to break your lessons into further “sub-lessons”. You can have an unlimited number of topics in a lesson, much like a course can have an unlimited number of lessons. Lesson Topics adopt the same progression functionality as the lesson it belongs to.


You can measure the student’s progress by running various actions as they move through the course, lessons and topics. Quizzes complete this process by allowing you to test the student after they complete their training materials and objectively assess their knowledge. The testing process is fully automated, making it scalable.


Memberium enhances LearnDash’s certificate system with the unique ability to process WordPress shortcodes as well as Memberium shortcodes, allowing you to customize your certificates with information about your site and your user, including graphics, and information from their Infusionsoft contact record. You can even dynamically control what is included on the certificate based on the contact’s Infusionsoft tags.

Memberium also extends LearnDash’s certificate PDFs to not restrict you to A4 Landscape, with Memberium you can choose between a range of available standard page sizes, not just one or two.

Planning your Course

There are many different ways to go about setting up your courses using LearnDash. You can find more information in LearnDash’s knowledgebase which includes walk throughs on the best practices of setting up LearnDash.

Infusionsoft Integration

LearnDash and Infusionsoft IntegrationMemberium provides an easy to use integration dialog that lets you control what happens as each component of a course is completed.

Course completion is somewhat unique in that it happens automatically when all the prerequisites for the course complete, and is not a separate action.

As each component ( Lessons, Topics, Quizzes and Courses ) complete, you can instruct Memberium to do the following actions in your Infusionsoft App.

Campaign Builder API Goals
You can use Campaign Builder goals to start process and marketing workflow activities in Infusionsoft when this component is completed. This duplicates Actionsets to some degree, and is the preferred system to use for automation.

Tags Added or Removed
You can add or remove tags from the contact record upon completion.

Legacy Actionsets Run
Like Campaign Builder goals, actionsets can be used to start workflows in Infusionsoft, however this is a legacy solution and in general isn’t recommended.

Next Page to redirect to
After a course element is completed, you can control what page they are sent to next.

You can easily enroll and unenroll students in a course automatically using tags. Click here for more info.

Quiz ActionsYou can run automations and apply tags based on passing or failing of quizzes.

Graduation Texts
You can combined LearnDash’s Graduation Text with Memberium shortcodes not only to produce personalized output, but to run specific actions / goals / tags depending on the user’s score. Graduation texts offer up to 15 different responses depending on the percentage completion of the student.

Enrollment, Visibility and Access

In most common WordPress elements (Pages, Posts, etc) access is controlled by Memberium’s access controls, which control visibility of an item.

LearnDash adds an additional concept called “Enrollment”. In order for someone to use a Course, it is not sufficient to only give them “visibility” through Memberium; that only controls whether or not they can see the course. You must also enroll them in the course.

In the Memberium LearnDash course controls there is a setting called “AutoEnroll Tags”. The autoenroll tags are a comma separated list of tags controlling who is enrolled in the course.

If this field is left blank, no actions are taken on this course.

If the field contains one or more tags, then the courses are scanned during login and any courses with auto-enrollment tags held by the are automatically enrolled during the login. If the user has NONE of the auto-enrollment tags, then the course is un-enrolled. If the field is empty then no automatic actions happen during that login. Auto-enrollment tags are currently applied at login only.

Types of Courses

LearnDash courses come in four types, Open, Closed, Free, Buy Now and Recurring.

For Memberium you want to use either Open if you want all users to be automatically treated as if they are enrolled in the course, or Closed if you want to control enrollment on a member by member basis.

LearnDash Groups

Memberium’s integration with LearnDash Groups allows you to auto-join users in the group using tags.

Go to LearnDash > Groups, edit or add a new group and you’d find the “LearnDash for Memberium” option:


You’d just need to enter the tag that will auto-enroll the user to the group.

Basically, if the user has this tag, then they would be automatically added to the group.


LearnDash provides a number of useful shortcodes for your site:

This shortcode is documented to only work on course pages, however you can actually place it anywhere, and tell it which course’s progress to display. Simply use the undocumented parameter “course_id” to indicate which course you want to display progress for. The course_id is a number, if you need help finding your course’s Id, give us a shout at support and we’ll help you. Here’s an example:

[learndash_course_progress course_id=”1016″]

Displays user’s enrolled courses, course progress, quiz scores, and achieved certificates.

This shortcode displays the list of groups users are assigned to as users or leaders.

More Information

Read about LearnDash Theme Compatibility

Watch a video about how to Integrate Infusionsoft With LearnDash Using Memberium

LearnDash Features

Multi-Tier Courses
Break-up courses into lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories.

Certificates & Points
Award custom certificates and points for course activities.

Manage Assignments
Comment and approve on submitted assignments.

Flexible Prerequisites
Set course, lesson, and quiz based prerequisites.

Drip-Feed Content
Drip-feed your lesson content according to a schedule.

Advanced Quizzing
Seven question types, custom messages, and MUCH more.

Dynamic Forums
Private or public course specific forums for your enrolled users.

User Profiles
Front-end profiles so users can track their course activity.

Expire Access
Remove access after a specified amount of time.

Lesson Timers

Set a minimum amount of time that must be spent per lesson.

User Reports
Track user progress and quiz results with ease.

Use Any Media
Insert videos, Articulate & Adobe Captivate files, images, audio, Google Docs and more.

Group Management
Place users into groups and allow others to manage them.

Expert Support
Responsive support from elearning experts with extensive Fortune 500 experience.

Email Notifications
Built-in email features make communication easy.

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