How to Fix Tags and Custom Fields Not Appearing in Memberium

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If you’re facing the problem of your tags or custom fields not syncing or showing up on your site, this guide will show you how to instantly get your tags and fields syncing with Memberium.

Manually Trigger a Tag or Custom Field Sync

If you’ve recently created a new tag or custom field and it’s not showing up on the site then you may need to trigger a manual sync.

In the WordPress admin menu bar, hover over Memberium and click “Sync Tags” or “Sync Custom Fields”.

This will instantly sync newly created tags and custom fields to the site, instead of waiting for a few hours before they normally get synced.

Check i2SDK

Go to Memberium > i2SDK and check if you’re seeing any error message such as “invalid key” or any other error.

If you’re getting the error, then you might want to add the Infusionsoft API key again and click “Save API Configuration”

i2SDK API key

Check Sync Options

It might be possible that the tag that you’re trying to sync might be in a category that’s selected NOT to be synced with the site. You can check this by going to Memberium > Sync Options > Tag categories.

You’d first check in which category does the tag belong to in Infusionsoft. If that same category is not selected under Sync options, then it means that the tag will also not sync. You’d need to select that tag category from here and hit the “Save category sync” button.

If your custom field is not syncing, then go to Memberium > Sync Options > Contact fields and from here, ensure that the same field is NOT selected here. The fields that are selected here will not be synced with Infusionsoft.

So you’d need to de-select that custom field and then click on ‘Save Contact Field Sync” button.

Once that’s done, sync the tags or custom fields as shown at the beginning of this post.

Deactivate and reactivate i2SDK and Memberium

When the site has been moved from one hosting provider to other, sometimes not all the database tables are transferred and that can create a problem. What you’d need to do is to first deactivate Memberium and i2SDK from the WordPress plugins page.

You’d then activate i2SDK and Memberium (in that order) and then go to Memberium > Support > Dashboard and hit the “Synchronize Infusionsoft” button. This should sync the custom fields and tags and fix any database issues automatically.

Need further help?

If you’ve gone through all the steps in this guide and the tags or custom fields are still not syncing then please contact the Memberium support team by opening a support ticket.

Here’s the information we’ll need from you:

  • A link to your WordPress membership site (URL)
  • An admin login to your WordPress site (this can be temporary)
  • Name of the tag or custom field that’s not syncing

Once we have this information, we’ll be able to get your tags or custom fields syncing in no time.

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