Finding Your Keap API Key

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Memberium can connect to your Keap app in 3 ways…

  1. Legacy API Key (being phased out)
  2. Service Account Key (SAK)
  3. OAuth

This short guide will show you how to find your Service Account Key. The legacy API key can be found in the same place but note that it will stop working after October 2024 as Keap is phasing it out in place of SAK and OAuth.

OAuth does not use a key system, instead you will connect via a button in Memberium that will open a Keap window and you’ll have to authorize the connection.

We recommend setting up your SAK even if you’re using OAuth so that Memberium can fall back on the SAK if OAuth fails.

Finding your API Key is different depending on which version of Keap you’re using…

If you’re having trouble finding your API Key or connecting Memberium to Keap, please contact Memberium support so we can assist you. We’re ready and happy to assist!

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