Do I need to update Memberium every time WordPress updates?

Yes and No. You don’t have to update Memberium every single time WordPress updates. We do our best to maintain compatibility with all versions of WordPress, but the reality is that older versions of Memberium weren’t designed with the latest version of WordPress in mind.

Each Memberium release has performance improvements, new features, security fixes (when needed), and more. There’s no reason not to update.

We always recommend you update to the latest version of WordPress whenever possible and also update Memberium at the same time if an update is available. Make sure to properly backup your site or test the new version of a staging version of your site. This ensures your members don’t experience any issues.

Some site owners decide not to update WordPress. We don’t recommend this. The big issue with not updating WordPress isn’t Memberium working but it’s the lack of security updates. The older the version you’re running, the more likely it is that you’re site is vulnerable to known attacks. For more reasons to update WordPress, check out this article.

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