Does Memberium work with my technology stack?

Click here to see our latest minimum requirements. We’ve also included the list below to give you an idea of our compatibility with different stacks.

We are designed to run on…


YES! Most of our clients run Apache or a mix of Apache and NginX.


We no longer support HHVM or Hack. The performance improvements from these forks are now available in PHP 7, which we do recommend.


Yes, we love the Apache alternatives. Lighty is a great web server option; fast and easy to work with – much like NginX.

Load Balancers

YES! We love load balancers. Memberium is designed to work with Load Balancers using both sticky and non-sticky sessions. Please verify with your tech team that the load balancer is not blocking HTTP POSTs.


Yes, Memberium works great with MariaDB, as a faster and more efficient alternative to MySQL.


YES! Memberium runs great with ModPHP on Apache.


Yes, Memberium works GREAT with NginX, which is faster and easier to scale than Apache.

Novak Solutions Plugins

YES! You can run Joey Novak’s plugins alongside Memberium to enhance your website’s capabilities.


Yes, Memberium works great with PHP-FPM. Note that We do NOT support versions of PHP older than 5.3 for performance, security and reliability reasons.


YES! We have integration support to work with PlusThis. PlusThis is one of the swiss army knives of Infusionsoft integration. You can learn more about PlusThis here.


Yes, Memberium is designed to work great with Speedilicious.


Yes, Memberium works great with SSL.

W3 Total Cache

YES! Memberium works great with W3 Total Cache. You just need to be sure to disable page caching. Page Caching does the opposite of what we’re using membership software for. It provides every visitor with the same page, whereas Memberium is designed to deliver a custom experience to each of your users. Even without Page Caching W3TC can be a great tool for scaling your site, since it provides a great many optimizations and features beyond page caching. As with any tool that alters the behavior of your WordPress site, test it well before deploying it in production.

WordPress Multisite

YES! We support WordPress MultiSite as of version 2.40. Each site can be setup to connect to a different Infusionsoft application, or the same application can share the same cache data between multiple sites.


Yes, Memberium works great with xCache; we can leverage xCache, APC and Memcache’s APIs for caching. Unlike 3rd party systems such as W3 Total Cache, our internal caching system is designed with the awareness of our function.

The Bad News


CloudFlare is an external caching system. We don’t recommend caching your membership site using CloudFlare. If you run your site in a subdirectory, you can use CloudFlare with your main site, and setup an exception for your Memberium powered site by excluding that URL. CloudFlare’s tools may also block access to Infusionsoft’s HTTP POST commands.

Ontraport aka Office AutoPilot

Sorry, we don’t support Ontraport or Office AutoPilot. If you’d like to see Ontraport supported please do let us know.


Sorry, we don’t support SalesForce. If you’d like to see SalesForce supported please do let us know.

WishList Member

If you’re planning to migrate a site from WishList Membership system, unfortunately, you can’t run both plugins at once during your transition since they will both fight to take over access control of your site.


Sorry, we don’t support 1ShoppingCart. For membership websites integrated with 1ShoppingCart we recommend WishList Member

I don’t see what I’m looking for?

If you don’t see your favorite technology here, feel free to ask us!

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