How do I create a password for a new member?

You have two options on how to generate a password for your members. You can have the user create one, or you can have Memberium automatically create a password for you and assign it to the user.

Let Users Create Their Own Password

You can add a field to the webform or order form (legacy only) that a member will fill out that lets them type in their own new password. You’ll need to enter the appropriate password field that matches the field you’re using (Example: Field Snippets > Other > Password) to the webform you plan on using.

Adding password fields to order forms is trickier and is not officially supported by Infusionsoft. If Legacy Order forms are unavailable to you and you don’t have technical support resources, then we generally encourage using the automatic password generation to ensure smooth onboarding of your new members.

Automatically Assign A Password

You can use Infusionsoft’s HTTP POST functions to signal Memberium to automatically generate a password and assign it to the user pretty easily. HTTP POST actions can be run many ways, either in Campaign Builder after a goal is achieved, in a Purchase Action after a product is purchased, in a Legacy Actionset, etc.

The most common scenario is to use a Purchase Action or a Purchase Goal, and then to run the HTTP POST from there, but any of the ways will work.

What is an HTTP POST?

An HTTP POST is a simple way for one web server (Infusionsoft) to send a signal to another web server (Memberium) to tell it that something has happened, and an action needs to be taken. Infusionsoft has a helpful guide on using HTTP POSTS in their knowledgebase.

How to Setup an HTTP POST

When you use an HTTP POST, either in Campaign Builder or in Legacy, you will be prompted for a URL to send the HTTP POST

In order to make this manual step easier, we provide “done for you” URL’s in your Memberium > Settings > HTTP Post/Links page. This example code is ready to copy/paste from your Memberium screen straight into your Infusionsoft HTTP POST action with no edits.

You can also check out the video tutorial on creating Infusionsoft campaign which explains the password generation process.

HTTP POST Make Password Options

There are several options when creating a password, and the sample code uses the settings that are the typical actions used by almost everyone. If you have an unusual situation, such as creating new passwords to overwrite existing passwords, you may want to contact support or review the documentation to setup your HTTP POST for your special needs. VERY FEW people need this sort of behavior and it’s not commonly used since overwriting the existing password can be very confusing for users who often struggle with managing their passwords.


If you apply the HTTP POST Make Password action, and it doesn’t work, there are some steps you can do to work through the problem. We also encourage you to contact us at Memberium support as we may be able to help you as well.

  • If you’re posting to an HTTPS:// URL, Infusionsoft may have difficulty with your SSL certificate, you can work around this by using an HTTP:// link
  • If the link you’re HTTP POSTing to does a redirect, you can POST to the link its redirecting to. The Infusionsoft server doesn’t “follow” redirects and will just give up. Sometimes if you use (or don’t use) “www” in your URL this can happen.
  • If there’s a leading or trailing space when you paste the HTTP POST URL into Infusionsoft, that will often break the HTTP POST. Carefully edit your HTTP POST setup to remove any extra characters.
  • Your web host may be blocking Infusionsoft HTTP POSTs due to strict security measures. Please contact Memberium Support for assistance if you believe this may be the case.

Sending the User their Password

Once you have the password assigned to the user automatically, you’ll need to send them their password so that they can login. The easiest way to do this is to send a welcome email to the user after the purchase or signup with their username, password, and the link they need to login to your membership site.

When using Campaign Builder it is highly advisable to place at least a 1 or 2 minute delay BETWEEN the action of the password being generated, and the email notification. This gives Infusionsoft’s email database time to catch up with the new password information. If you don’t put this delay in place, you may find that some (or all) of your new members receive welcome messages with blank email passwords.

Another common mistake is to insert the “Password” field into the email, even if you’re using a custom password. The Infusionsoft Password field is a separate and distinct password field from the password field you’re using if you are using a custom field for your password.

Other Actions

Once the password is assigned, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve also applied the specific membership level tag(s) they need to grant their access. You can add this action set to your campaign after a user buys a membership or opts in.

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