Can I switch from another membership plug in like iMember360 or Wishlist?

Yes, switching from iMember360 or Wishlist is very easy. You can install the i2SDK and Memberium and set up your membership levels using the same tags.

It will use the same users and passwords as well but you will need to assign the new membership levels you’ve created to the pages and posts in your site. There is a bulk editor within Memberium so you can do this all at once if you’d like.

If you’re using shortcodes from another plugin, you will need to replace those shortcodes with the equivalent Memberium shortcodes instead. You can find a list of our shortcodes here.

Most importantly, it is always recommended to first setup a staging site and test your migration there, then do it on your live site.  If you have any other questions regarding migration, please contact us for help.

Malware Warning

As of June 2015, we have received reports that iMember360 may now be displaying a hardcoded HTML message when it detects that Memberium is installed:

Sorry, malware has been detected on your site.

iMember360 will then lock you out of your own site’s admin Dashboard. This is not a valid warning, and will vanish as soon as you remove iMember360 from your WordPress plugin directory. Scanning the site with Sucuri or other malware detection tool will confirm this. Because iMember360 locks you out of your dashboard, you will need cPanel, SFTP or FTP access to regain control of your site.

As a result, we now recommend uninstalling iMember360 before you start the upgrade process on your live site.

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