Memberium Hooks and Filters

Action Hooks

Add Tag

do_action( ‘memb_add_tag’, $contact_id, $tag );

Remove Tag

do_action( ‘memb_remove_tag’, $contact_id, abs( $tag ) );

Filter Hooks

Set User Display Name

apply_filters( ‘memberium_display_name’, $wordpress_user[‘display_name’], $contact );

Set User Nickname

apply_filters( ‘memberium_nickname’, $wordpress_user[‘nickname’], $contact );

Set User Nicename

apply_filters( ‘memberium_nice_name’, $wordpress_user[‘user_nicename’], $contact );

Filter Contact Data on Load

apply_filters( ‘memberium_contact_load’, $contact );

Filter Login Redirect URL

apply_filters( ‘memberium_login_redirect_url’, $url );

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