Discover How to Create Custom Branded,
User-Friendly Infusionsoft Affiliate Portals...

Are your affiliates struggling with the Infusionsoft affiliate center? Memberium for Infusionsoft lets you build custom Infusionsoft affiliate centers. Show earnings and payouts in a much clearer way than Infusionsoft displays it. Give affiliate links and banners customized with the logged in users affiliate code.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the default, confusing Infusionsoft referral partner system and a Memberium powered referral partner page.

Keep in mind the Memberium page is fully customizable using drag-and-drop elements…

What Can You Do With a Memberium Affiliate Portal?

Memberium lets you take full advantage of Infusionsoft’s referral partner system while hiding the complicated portal Infusionsoft provides out of the box. 

Instead, your affiliates will see a clean, organized, simple to use portal which makes it easier for them to promote your products and reduces support and training time on your end (since you won’t have to explain how the portal works).

Encourage Friendly Competition

Memberium lets you create custom affiliate leaderboards that spark the competitive nature in your affiliates.

Here’s an example of a real Memberium powered site that uses our affiliate leaderboards feature to get people excited about promoting their launch. The list of referral partners would automatically update and sort based on the number of sales each partner brought.

You can award prizes to the top affiliates or simply have the leaderboard in place for fun – no awards necessary.

That’s Not All Memberium Does…

Our affiliate portal features can be used on a site by themselves, but that isn’t your only option…

Memberium lets you create an online course or membership site that runs on autopilot. You won’t have to manually give people access and chase down failed payments, Memberium takes care of all that.

Add the affiliate features into that and you have a membership or course that runs on its own and has a sales team you didn’t have to hire or spend money training.

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