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CustomerHubWe’re often asked to provide a comparison between CustomerHub and Memberium for people who are either considering their first membership site or considering upgrading from CustomerHub. CustomerHub provides an easy to use, entry-level solution that is managed for you and hosted by Infusionsoft, which makes it a popular choice for people getting their toes wet in the membership and subscription space.

We’re big fans of Infusionsoft, and CustomerHub is a great system to start out with if your branding isn’t a priority, if your needs are simple and you only need a single site.


Both products share the common core feature sets of being designed to work exclusively with Infusionsoft, providing a tailored experience where all parts of your system utilize the same language and systems. Both systems use tags, actionsets, and the same contact fields to provide a customized experience for your clients. Memberium can use the same tags, and the same password assigned to your CustomerHub users to make the transition painless.

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Marketplace Entry

You can read our verified customer reviews at our Infusionsoft Marketplace Entry.


CustomerHub costs $79/month.

Memberium costs $47/month, with a 17% discount for annual payment.

Feature Overviews

You can review the feature sets of both platforms on our respective websites. You can find the CustomerHub feature list here, and the Memberium feature list here. You’ll notice an enormous disparity in the breadth and depth of features and functions between the two platforms.

CustomerHub Limitations

  • Each additional site costs extra
  • The theming controls are very limited and you can only use the canned look and feel
  • You have to use an unbranded domain like “”
  • Lack of sophisticated design
  • There is no integration with 3rd party tools
  • Hosted centrally in the United States, slower if your audience is international

Why Choose Memberium

Memberium provides you the freedom and capability to manage and own your customer experience. Memberium is built on industry-standard tools like WordPress, which powers 25% of the web, which means you have a steady supply of talent and know-how that you can apply to your site.

You can also host Memberium locally on your regional web host, ensuring that your clients will get the best possible speeds and user experience.

Why Choose CustomerHub

While it’s more expensive, CustomerHub provides a simple, all-inclusive service that includes your hosting, and your app all in one. If you’re not ready to run your own WordPress site, or only have minimal needs, CustomerHub is a great solution. Upgrading from CustomerHub to Memberium is a snap as well, making CustomerHub a low-risk choice for you.

Upgrading From CustomerHub

If and when you do outgrow CustomerHub, you can migrate your site by copy/pasting and rehosting your content onto your own WordPress site. Your users will come across cleanly and easily and will not require new passwords or usernames, and you can use all the same tagging as you did with CustomerHub. Memberium also supports Partials, so the strategies you learn for managing content on CustomerHub can be re-used in your Memberium system as well.

Memberium/CustomerHub Feature Pillars

Easy Membership Site Creation

– Memberium turns any WordPress site into a powerful membership site system. You’re not limited to what a single host provides. Memberium powered sites can tackle the full power of WordPress, thousands of themes, and tens of thousands of add-on plugins that allow you to do amazing things with your site. You can use posts, pages, partials, custom shortcodes to populate your content.

Powerful Content Management

– Memberium provides powerful page level and content level access controls so that you can easily control access to your content from the broad brush of the entire page, down to individual words and graphics, all based on Infusionsoft tags and your member’s contact record data.

Memberium provides all the controls of CustomerHub, and more plus access to plugins like LearnDash which lets you easily and inexpensively implement a full-blown learning management system in your site seamlessly. Memberium also provides access levels that let you manage who can log in and what their experience is. You can deliver audio and video, as well as PDFs and other file types, using the service of your choice.

You can also integrate page builders like LeadPages and OptimizePress which give you professional-looking, well-designed lead capture, and sales pages.

Automatic Content Delivery

– Like CustomerHub, Memberium taps the power of tags, actionsets and campaign builder to deliver content either on a set schedule or dynamically based on user actions. You can completely control the delivery schedule, and even override it for VIPs or partners.

Complete Facebook Integration

– Memberium provides support out-of-the-box for Facebook widgets, including like and share widgets. You can also use plugins such as Yoast SEO to fine-tune your member’s ability to share your content on a limited basis, sending people who click to a signup or sales page where you can convert them into a lead or customer.

Seamless Integration

– We provide free plugin installation and basic setup for you so that you don’t have to deal with the installation. For those who like to do it themselves, we provide a simple step by step guide to setting up Memberium on your WordPress site. Memberium works not only with Infusionsoft web forms and carts, but also 3rd party eCommerce systems like WooCommerce, SamCart, and ClickFunnels which provide superior experiences to the built-in order forms.

Customer Account Portal

– Memberium provides completely customizable customer account management functionality. Give your clients the ability to pay open invoices, update their credit cards or cancels subscriptions. The best part is that you’re in control of not only the look and feel but what functionality you offer.

Look and Feel

Unlike CustomerHub’s boxy look and feel, Memberium provides you with the freedom to represent your brand in the best possible light. Review the Memberium showcase for examples of the beautiful sites created with Memberium.

The Preferred Choice

Memberium is chosen by some of the largest names in the internet space.

  • Ryan Deiss / Digital Marketer
  • Paul Tobey / Training Business Pros
  • Alex Mandossian
  • John Assaraf
  • Jack Canfield
  • Lisa Nicholls
  • Hay House Publishing
  • ITPro.TV
  • Over a hundred ICP’s and employees of Infusionsoft

Memberium is also recommended by the leading Infusionsoft partners:

  • The API Guys
  • Digital Marketer
  • EFG Consulting
  • GetUWired
  • Fusion Online Marketing Agency
  • Mojo Web Design
  • OnTheFuze (Australia)
  • Sixth Division
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