Creating Your “My Profile” Page

In this post I’m going to show you how to create a “Your Profile” page in Memberium that will allow your members to update their contact information on file and change their existing password. This assumes you’ve already done the basic steps in the install guide or basic video series. This is an advanced tutorial but we provide all the details below…

Pro Tip
In case you don’t want to use Infusionsoft form, you can use [memb_update_form] shortcode to create “My Profile” page. Here’s the link:

WordPress Steps | Infusionsoft Steps

Part 1 (Done in WordPress)

  • Step 1
    Create a New Page Called “My Profile” and add this to it…
    (you’ll replace the top 4 lines & bottom 1 line later)

    <form class="infusion-form" accept-charset="UTF-8" action="LINK_GOES_HERE" method="POST"><input name="inf_form_xid" type="hidden" value="XID_GOES_HERE" />
    <input name="inf_form_name" type="hidden" value="PAGE_TITLE_HERE" />
    <input name="infusionsoft_version" type="hidden" value="" />
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_FirstName">First Name *</label>
    <input id="inf_field_FirstName" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_FirstName" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=FirstName]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_LastName">Last Name *</label>
    <input id="inf_field_LastName" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_LastName" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=LastName]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_Email">Email *</label>
    [memb_contact fields=Email]<input id="inf_field_Email" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_Email" type="hidden" value="[memb_contact fields=Email]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_Phone1">Phone</label>
    <input id="inf_field_Phone1" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_Phone1" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=Phone1]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_StreetAddress1">Street Address 1</label>
    <input id="inf_field_StreetAddress1" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_StreetAddress1" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=StreetAddress1]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_City">City</label>
    <input id="inf_field_City" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_City" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=City]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_State">State</label>
    <input id="inf_field_State" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_State" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=State]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_PostalCode">Postal Code</label>
    <input id="inf_field_PostalCode" class="infusion-field-input-container" name="inf_field_PostalCode" type="text" value="[memb_contact fields=PostalCode]" /></div>
    <div class="infusion-field"><label for="inf_field_Country">Country</label>
    <select id="inf_field_Country" name="inf_field_Country">[memb_country_dropdown]</select>
    <div class="infusion-submit"><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></div>
    <script src="TRACKING_LINK_HERE" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <b>Need to Change Your Password?</b>
    <b>Need to Change Your Email?</b>
  • Step 2
    Create a “Profile Updated Page” & add this to it…

    • <h3>Thanks for updating your profile!</h3>
      <a href="/my-profile/">Click Here to Go Back to the My Account Page</a>

Part 2 (Done in Infusionsoft)

  • Step 1
    Create a webform with the basic contact info and address.
  • Step 2
    Take the top 4 lines from your Infusionsoft webform and copy and paste them into the example that you had copied to your new page.my_profile_infusionsoft_form
  • Step 3
    Also swap out the very bottom line from your Infusionsoft web form.my_profile_infusionsoft_form_tracking
  • Step 4
    Set the Thank You Page to the URL of your “Profile Updated Page” on the Webform Settings…
  • Step 5
    Publish the Campaign & Test! Then your set.

Final Notes

This will let people update their profile in Infusionsoft, the thanks page should sync that data down to their WordPress user.

Additional Ways to Build a More Advanced Profile Page

  • Add an Infusionsoft survey to gather additional information from your users. Use this info to further segment your email list and use the feedback to further improve your membership site.
  • – BuddyPress’s extended profiles component allows you to create advanced custom profiles with tons of custom fields and lot’s of other features that will impress your members.
  • – Want to display badges members have earned on their profile page? Check out BadgeOS and their community add on to display an unlimited number of badges and achievements on a members profile page (*requires Buddypress).
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