How to Create My Account Pages for Keap and ActiveCampaign using the Membership Site Builder Templates

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One of the most important areas for any membership program is my account area in terms of user experience. This otherwise neglected area becomes crucial when the customer needs to change their password or needs to update credit card details to keep paying you.

If you’re unable to let members perform these basic actions without contacting you, they’ll have a negative experience and you could see an increase in churn – especially if payment details can’t be updated.

The Membership Site Builder installs ready to use page templates that take care of almost all my account related needs of your customers. The good news is, when you install the page templates through the Membership Site Builder plugin, all related pages are already linked correctly with the My Account page.

There are only very specific details that you will tweak like Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) or ActiveCampaign tags.

Basic My Account Pages

Some My Account related pages are common for all membership sites such as forgot password, change password, change email and update your profile pages. The forget password page is always linked with the Login page since only logged out users are supposed to use it. The Change Password, Change Email and Update Profile Info pages are accessible to the logged in users only.

The My Account pages in different page template sets are designed with different options, however, in almost all the versions the change password and update profile info options are already included on the My Account page itself. In some cases a Change Email option is included on the My Account page, if not you can always link the Change Email page with the My Account page.

If you use the Elementor page builder, our Elite Program and Modern Course Creator page templates use Icon List on the My Account page. You can add or remove pages from the Icon List as per your requirement.

Creating and Editing Your Keap + Memberium My Account Pages in WordPress

Memberium offers infinite integration with Keap, which means you get some exclusive options for My Account related pages. The below page map will give you an overview of how various My Account related pages are connected to the one central page and which other pages you can link with your my account center.

Below is the list of exclusive Keap + Memberium My Account pages:

Keap + Memberium Manage Subscriptions Page

The Manage Subscriptions page can help you lower your support tickets because some of the most frequent questions that come through the support channel are regarding the user’s subscription. Using this page you don’t only display the current subscriptions the customer has but also allow them to cancel their subscription if they need to by simply clicking a cancel button.

The page is also linked with other important pages such as the update credit card, invoices page, and the central my account page. We have a detailed article with a video guide on how the cancel subscription page is set up.

It also covers how you can change a couple of settings that you need to set from the Memberium -> eCommerce section to make it work for your customers you have in your Keap CRM.

Important: Keap’s lower end plans Keap Lite and Keap Pro don’t support subscriptions. If you’re selling a subscription product, you can choose between Keap Max and Keap Max Classic plans.

Keap + Memberium Invoices Page

The Your Invoices page is a pretty useful page for the customers. When subscription payments are being auto charged through Credit Card, it’s easy to forget about the subscription payments until the payment doesn’t go through. In this situation, allowing users to view historic data of their payments or invoices and verify if the payment is indeed pending helps a lot.

The Your Invoices page goes one step further and enables users to make payment by simply click the Pay Now button next to the unpaid invoice.

Another cool thing about the Your Invoices page is you can allow the user to view the receipt by clicking the description link. Your customers can download or print the receipt for their record if they want. See below sample receipt for a paid invoice.

Keap + Memberium Add/Update Credit Card Page

Credit Card detail of the users is the most sensitive data you store. Memberium Add/Update Credit Card page enables you to let your customers add or update their payment details securely. This page is designed using [memb_add_creditcard] shortcode, which allows you to collect any failed payment the customers have automatically when they update their payment details.

To ensure the security of payment details, the add credit card form appears only if the page is secured with the SSL certificate.

Pro Tip: To make the Manage Subscriptions, Your Invoice, and Add/Update Credit Card page correctly, you need to set the Default Merchant Account Id under Memberium -> eCommerce section.

Keap + Memberium Group Accounts Pages

The Group Account or Umbrella Account is a powerful way to offer your membership program to small businesses, groups, teams, or corporations.

This Memberium feature empowers the account owners to control who gets access to the membership program from their team. The owner can add or remove members. The Memberium Page templates include 2 different page templates for Group Accounts…

Add a New User Page

This page contains a form that allows the primary user or the owner to fill in the details of a user he wants to give access to the membership program. There is also a Go Back link on the top left of the form which redirects the user to the page where they can view the list of their sub-accounts or team members. This is how the Add a New User page looks like

Add and Manage Members

This page is a Group Account center for the user. From this page users can view the list of team members and how many members can still be added. The owner can also revert the access of a team member by clicking the Disconnect button.

This page is also linked to the Add a New User page that we discussed just above. The owner can click the Invite A New Team Member button which redirects to the add new user page.

You can set a Keap tag as a parent tag which gives any user the ability to add other users to the team. The number of child users a parent user can add is decided based on tags or subscriptions the parent user has. You can set these settings from Memberium -> Umbrella Accounts section. If you need to know more about the Memberium Umbrella Account feature, you can go check this detailed article with a video guide.

Creating and Editing Your ActiveCampaign + Memberium Account Pages in WordPress

We already discussed some of the common My Account pages which are the same for both Keap and ActiveCampaign versions of Memberium. These common pages like Forget Password and Change Password work exactly how the Keap version of My Account pages work.

Since ActiveCampaign doesn’t have an inbuilt payment processing feature, you need to use an eCommerce platform to process the payment.

WooCommerce is one the most popular eCommerce platforms you can use with ActiveCampaign. It’s available for free. However, if you want to sell a subscription product, you will need an additional paid add-on called “WooCommerce Subscriptions”. Alternatively, you can use any other eCommerce platform that integrates with ActiveCampaign.

WooCommerce has its own My Account and other related pages. The below page map will guide you how various WooCommere My Account related pages are linked together and what they look like to the end user.

The Memberium My Profile pages in Elite Program and Modern Course Creator page templates include the option to link to your WooCommerce my account related pages.

In the above screenshot of the My Profile page, the list of pages on the right hand side is an Elementor Icon List block. You can link your WooCommerce or any other eCommerce pages from there. If you want to add or remove pages from the icon list, you can also do that.

The Your Courses section below the list of pages is controlled by a menu. You can create a menu of your own courses and select that menu to display the list of courses under Your Courses.

The Update Profile form and the Change Password form are created by Memberium shortcodes. Those options are ready to use and you don’t need to make any changes to them.

ActiveCampaign + WooCommerce Update Credit Card Page

WooCommerce provides you several options for receiving payments. Based on your preferred methods you can enable these payment options from the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments tab.

As you can see I’ve enabled the Credit Card option.

WooCommerce also sets up a default My Account page which is controlled by WooCommerce. The My Account page consists of a tab on the sidebar for Payment Methods but you need to set the My Account page and other pages such as Checkout and Cart pages from the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced tab.

Now, your customers will be able to access the My Account page which includes the tab that allows them to update their payment details (pictured below).

ActiveCampaign + WooCommerce View Your Order Page

The WooCommerce View Your Order Page is a default WooCommerce page that helps you revisit your previous order. You can access the View Your Order Page by clicking the “Order” menu on the sidebar in your default WooCommerce My Account page.

You’ll see a brief summary of your order on this page.

If you want to view more details about your order your can click on the View button which will display you a page like below which includes all the details about your order.

ActiveCampaign + WooCommerce Manage Your Addresses Page

The Manage Your Addresses page is also a default WooCommerce page that allows you to add or edit your billing and shipping addresses. You can access the Manage Your Addresses page by clicking the Addresses option on the sidebar from your default WooCommerce My Account page.


The My Account section is an important part of the membership program. It serves multiple purposes and helps reduce the support interactions. Memberium page templates for both Keap and ActiveCampaign are designed to offer as much control as possible to the users to resolve their account related issues at their end.

You will be able to use these ready to go templates by tweaking a couple of settings in Memberium and link your WooCommerce my account pages or other eCommerce platform pages which will enable you to get rid of repetitive customer support requests and concentrate more on your membership content.

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