Create Your Infusionsoft Membership “My Account” or “My Profile Page”

Learn how your members can update their information, change their password, view their products and more in this video.

With WordPress v4.2.3, WordPress changed how shortcodes are embedded into HTML tags!

Please see our article on Memberium Shortcode Concepts.

You will need to adjust the process with the following change:

  • You’ll want to use the shortcodes without quotes like this [memb_contact fields=FirstName]
  • Shortcodes Used in This Video

    At 02:01, you’ll see the [memb_has_any_tag]  shortcode used.

    At 03:28, you’ll see the [memb_contact] shortcode used.

    At 05:48, you’ll see the [memb_change_password] shortcode used.

    At 06:05, you’ll see the [memb_add_creditcard] shortcode used.


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