How to Integrate WP Courseware with Infusionsoft using Memberium

WP Courseware is an inexpensive, simple, and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) for WordPress. WP Courseware features include certificates, quizzes with randomly selected questions, and quiz timers. You can learn more about WP Courseware here.

For a deeper comparison between WP Courseware and LearnDash to help you figure out which would serve your needs best, I recommend Chris Lema’s excellent article comparing the two.

WP Courseware / Memberium Integration Features

  • Course access controlled by tags
  • Course Unit (Lesson) access controlled by tags
  • Unit Completion Tags
  • Module Completion Tags
  • Course Completion Tags

WP Courseware Terminology

WP Courseware has a similar structure to LearnDash’s Courses, Lessons, Topics and Quizzes:

  • Courses
  • Modules
  • Course Units
  • Quizzes

Access Control

You will create and manage your courses in WP Courseware, but manage the Infusionsoft integration through Memberium. The WP Courseware menu item will appear automatically if you have the plugin installed.

WP Courseware Course Interface

WP Courseware provides a simple user interface for controlling course enrollment. Courses are marked either as automatic, or manual.


Automatic courses automatically add new users into the course and are essentially open to the public. You cannot control who joins these courses.

Manual courses are closed until a user is added to them manually by an administrator, or by Memberium. We recommend using this setting for courses that you want to control access to using Memberium.

You can also view the course’s automatic/manual status from the course summary page:


Memberium Course Interface

Unlike other plugin integrations, Memberium’s WP Courseware access controls are located in a separate menu built into Memberium instead of WP Courseware’s pages. Memberium will list the courses you have created, showing whether or not each is protected:


Courses marked as “Manual” can be access controlled using the tags of your choice. You can select multiple tags to be used to add users the course. These tags may be Membership tags, or stand-alone tags. Users who do not have the tags will be automatically removed from the course.

Pro Tip
Blocking or removing a user from a course does not delete their course progress.

If you assign an access tag to a manual Course then that tag is now required for that course. If you manually add a user to a course controlled by tags, they will be automatically removed if they do not have the access tag.

If the manual course does not have an access tag, then you can manually add users without Memberium removing them.

WP Courseware Completion Tags

For each course, you can also assign a completion tag. This tag is given to the student once they complete the course. You can use this tag to run a course completion campaign, or even to unlock the next course in a series.

WP Courseware Module Completion Tags

For each module, you can also assign a completion tag. This tag isgiven to the student once they complete the course.


WP Courseware Course Unit Integration

Unlike WP Courseware Courses, the actual course units are created using WordPress custom post types. Because they use the standard interface, Memberium’s WP Courseware-Infusionsoft integration for course units is located on the course unit page, not in the Memberium menus.

There are two points of integration at the course unit level.

  • The first point of integration is that the standard Memberium access controls are available, enabling you to control access to the course units by membership level, tags and contact id, just like any other page or post. This enables you to drip the course units using any of the 5 drip strategies that Memberium supports.
  • The second point of integration is the ability to set a course unit completion tag that is set when the course unit is marked as complete.
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