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Infusionsoft is Now Keap

In January 2019, Infusionsoft rebranded itself as Keap with an aim to serve an even larger market of small service providers. They choose the Keap name to represent small businesses’ passion to always keep going, keep serving and keep growing.

With this new change, they have also restructured their pricing and introduced 4 different plans which are Keap Lite, Keap Pro, Keap Max, and Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft). Memberium works with all Keap plans except Keap Lite.

We recommend using Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) or Keap Max if you’re going to use Memberium. You can technically use Keap Pro if you want to with Memberium with a few drawbacks that we’ll talk about in this post.

We’ll also cover a quick overview of what’s included in all the different Keap plans. How each of them works with Memberium and things you’ll want to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing Keap to sell your course, digital products or membership program with.

Which Keap Plans Don’t Work with Memberium?

Keap Lite = Only Plan that Does Not Work With Memberium or Any Other Third Party Add Ons…

Keap offers 4 different plans which are Keap Lite, Keap Pro, Keap Max, and Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft), Memberium works with all the plans except Keap Lite.

Memberium uses Keap’s Legacy API system to connect and pull data from it such as contact records, billing information, tags etc. Keap Lite does not offer the ability to retrieve an API key or passphrase.

Due to this, Memberium doesn’t work with the Keap Lite plan. In fact, you cannot use any third party apps directly with Keap Lite because there is no API access.

Keap Lite is best suited for solopreneurs and new businesses that are just getting started. Its client management system allows you to store and organize your client and lead contacts, activities, and communication in one place.

Keap empowers you to automate your communication with clients. You can connect Keap with your Gmail or Outlook and rely on Keap’s client management software for following up and updating your client and company records.

Being a new business or solopreneur, maintaining the cash flow is vital. Keap helps you get paid automatically. You can set up daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly payments and send invoices to the clients. They can pay you simply by clicking a button on the invoice. You can also send automatic reminders to the clients which save you from awkward situations of reminding the client about payment.

All in all Keap Lite helps solopreneurs and new businesses to get rid of spreadsheets and running their businesses out of their inbox while empowering them to use the power of automation to grow their business faster.

Keap Pro

Keap Pro is created for growing businesses. Unlike Keap Lite, this plan is not focused merely on client management, it pays special attention to sales and marketing automation to help accelerate your sales.

However, you can’t sell courses, digital products or subscriptions with Keap Pro by default which is the main drawback. We’ll discuss some of the most important features of Keap Pro plan and some missing features in Keap Pro compared to Keap Max Classic in the next section.

Important Features of Keap Pro

Landing Page Builder

Keap Pro comes with an inbuilt landing page builder with ready to use templates to choose from. Keap’s landing page builder is absolutely user friendly and enables you to create your landing page in minutes.

The pre built page templates provided by Keap can be edited easily. You can edit any element in the template by clicking the pen icon and replace images, buttons and links in a couple of clicks. The drag and drop interface of the landing page builder makes adding new elements intuitive and smooth.

The most appealing thing about the landing page builder is, it’s loaded with thousands of royalty free images to choose from and allows you to preview the responsive landing page on different devices as you build it.

Advanced Automation (Campaign Builder)

The campaign builder is a powerful tool that helps you shape and completely automate customer’s journey once they are in your CRM.

Usually, from the first time the prospects enter their contact details into your opt in form, it takes several interactions for them to become a paid customer. With the help of a campaign builder, you can send targeted and personalized emails to these leads to nurture them until they become customers.

You will use automated triggers (goals) inside your campaign to determine who should receive which emails. Over time you can build trust through regular personalized interaction with the prospects. You can also follow up with them from time to time and assure them you’re the right solution for their problem.

This nurture period is a vital part of your customer acquisition efforts and Keap does all the heavy lifting for you.

Recurring Payments (Not Subscription)

Keap Pro plan helps you get rid of the hassle of billing your customer every week, month or year. This plan allows you to automate the billing process. You can set up recurring payment for your client with frequency, and start and end date.

Once you set up recurring payment settings, Keap will bill the customer automatically based on your settings.

Recurring payments can be easily confused with the subscription. However, the recurring payment is NOT a subscription. The difference is, for recurring payment Keap sends the invoice to the customer based on your settings but they still need to click the Pay Now button in the invoice to pay you. The payment will not be collected automatically like a subscription.

You Can’t Sell Online Products or Subscriptions Without Using a 3rd Party Ecommerce Platform

The biggest shortcoming of the Keap Pro plan is, you cannot sell a subscription product using Keap Pro. If you want to sell a subscription product while using Keap Pro, you’ll need an additional 3rd party eCommerce platform that allows you to sell subscription products and integrates with Keap.

Ecommerce Platforms You Can Use With Keap Pro to Sell Your Course or Membership With Using Memberium

If you do insist on using Keap Pro, you can still use Memberium. Here’s a list of platforms you can use to sell your courses or subscriptions.

WooCommerce – You can sell one off products for free using WooCommerce and Memberium. If you want to sell subscriptions

Spiffy – Spiffy allows you to sell any type of digital product or subscription product with Keap Pro.

MemberiumPay (coming soon) – MemberiumPay is a new Memberium feature that enables you to sell online courses or membership programs without any third party plugin or eCommerce platform using Stripe.

What’s NOT Included in Keap Pro Compared to Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) That Could Be Useful When You’re Selling an Online Course or Membership Program?

While technically you can use Keap Pro with Memberium and sell subscription products using a 3rd party plugin, there are still some features that we think are very useful that you miss out on compared to Keap Max Classic.


As discussed above, the biggest miss out with Keap Pro is the ability to sell subscription products by default.

Order Forms

With Keap Pro you will not be able to allow your customers to purchase the products online through an order form. You’ll need to invoice them so they can pay you.

Affiliate Management

Keap Pro doesn’t include affiliate tracking ability so if you’re tracking your affiliate payments through Keap, the Keap Pro plan is not for you.


The Analytics feature is a powerful tool that gives you a visual insight on daily basis about how you’re doing in terms of lead conversion, engagement and ROI. This information is very useful in making informed decisions about where you need to focus your efforts on increasing revenue.

What Memberium Features Do NOT Work With Keap Pro?

Since the previously mentioned Keap features aren’t included in Keap Pro, these Memberium features won’t work with Keap Pro:

Self Cancel

Memberium allows users to self cancel their subscriptions by clicking a button from their member profile. This is a very useful feature in terms of customer experience which unfortunately won’t work with Keap Pro.

Affiliate Shortcodes

Memberium has 3 affiliate shortcodes that enable you to build your custom affiliate resource site easily, allow affiliates to login and check their statistics like amount earned, clawbacks, balance and payment, but these shortcodes will not work with Keap Pro.

Order Form Related Shortcodes

Memberium integrates deeply with Keap and has some unique shortcodes such as [memb_place_order], [memb_orderform] etc which help you embed the order form on your site, present an upsell product, add an additional subscription for the logged in user without requiring any interaction etc. These shortcodes will not work with the Keap Pro plan.

Keap Max

Keap Max is the most advanced plan out of the 3 new plans that Keap has introduced apart from Keap Max Classic. This plan is suitable for established businesses. Keap Max includes the eCommerce functionality apart from CRM and advanced sales and marketing automation that the previous 2 plans are focused on.

Keap Max is closest to the Keap Max Classic but comes with a new simplified interface. With this plan, you can sell subscription products or online courses without any third party eCommerce platform.

You’ll be able to use most of the Memberium functionalities except the affiliate shortcodes, self cancellation and order form shortcodes with Keap Max. You will give access to the users when they purchase your products via tag and Memberium will protect your content.

You will be able to use different Memberium features like membership levels, shortcodes and more which coordinate with Keap tags, to give access to authorized users only. You can also use Memberium shortcodes to display content conditionally and create a personalized experience for the users.

How do You Sell Subscription Products (memberships) with Keap Max + Memberium?

Keap has introduced a new feature, Checkout Form that you can use to enable your users to purchase your membership program or online course by making payment online. You can sell both the one time payment products as well as subscription products via the Checkout Form.

You can create a new checkout form under the Money option. As shown in the below screenshot, you can click on the Add dropdown and then click on the Checkout Form option.

On the next screen, you can either select an existing product or create a new product. For selling subscription products you’ll turn on the toggle button for recurring payment and set the billing cycle.

Now you can click the Next button on the upper right corner and choose the name for the order form as well as set the thank you page where users will be redirected after a successful purchase.

If you haven’t configured your payment method with Keap yet, you can click the ‘Manage payment processes’ link at the bottom to go to the payment configuration options in a new tab.

You can go ahead and click the Next button and copy the order form URL that you can use with a button on your site or copy the embed code to display the form on the site.

How to Give Access after Purchase to the Content Protected with Memberium

You need to create an Automation to give access to the users for their purchased content, in our example to the Photography Masterclass by assigning access tag or tags. Keap Max gives you 2 options, either you can create an Easy Automation or Advanced automation which is traditional Keap automation (campaign) in the campaign builder.

You can click on the encircled + sign to create a new Easy Automation, and select the event for starting the automation. In our case when a user purchases the Photography Masterclass, the automation should be triggered and it should assign the ‘Photography Masterclass Purchased’ tag to the user. You would also want to send a welcome email to the customer.

Easy Automation is created for creating simple automations as I’ve shown above. If your automation is more complex with multiple sequences, Advanced Automation is a way to go. You can create new advanced automation and use a purchase goal for triggering the automation.

You’ll be able to choose the product for purchase and connect it with the sequence where you can apply a tag, send an email and add other actions based on your need.

How Memberium Grants Access

Memberium enables you to protect your content you have on your WordPress site. There are several ways to protect your content with Memberium based on what type of content you have. The most simple and widely used method of protecting content is via membership levels.

You can see the membership levels under Memberium Protection Box on every page, posts and custom posts. You can determine by checking the box for one or more membership levels to determine who should access that page or post.

The membership levels are governed by the Keap tag. You can assign these tags based on which product the customer purchases through the automation in Keap and Memberium will allow only users with those tags to access your content.

What’s NOT Included in Keap Max Compared to Keap Max Classic (Infusionsoft) That Could Be Helpful When You’re Selling an Online Course or Membership Program?

Though Keap Max is the most powerful plan among the newly introduced plans, there are still a few features that are exclusive to Keap Max Classic (formerly known as Infusionsoft) plan. We have listed a few useful features that you won’t get with Keap Max below…

Affiliate Management

Affiliate management is a very useful feature that helps you track your affiliate sales and payment. If you have an affiliate program, this feature saves a lot of time for you.

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart feature gives you the ability to display multiple products that users can add to the cart and then purchase which is a much better experience for someone who wants to buy multiple products.

My Day

My Day feature is pretty useful if you are managing a large sales team. It gives you a quick overview of what you need to focus on for managing your day effectively.

What Memberium features will not work with Keap Max?

Over the years Memberium has developed several features that work like charm with Keap but some of them won’t work with the Keap Max plan. Below are some of the Memberium features that won’t work if you’re on Keap Max plan.

Keap Max Classic (Formerly Infusionsoft)

Keap Max Classic is the new name for Infusionsoft. It is the most robust Keap plan since it retains some really useful features which are not included even in the Keap Max plan.

Keap Max Classic is useful for established businesses with big teams. It is a full fledged CRM with exclusive features like affiliate referral tracking, shopping cart, opportunity record etc.

Over the years Memberium has also developed several features from offering an instant upsell to allowing to build a custom affiliate area that works seamlessly with Keap Max Classic.

Which Memberium features will not work with Keap Max Classic?

Memberium integrates deeply with Keap and leverages its potential to great extent. All of the Memberium features will work with Keap Max Classic as they’re designed to work flawlessly with Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) in the first place.

What Keap Max Classic (Infusionsoft) Features Are Useful When You’re Selling an Online Course or Membership Program?

Keap Max Classic is a very powerful CRM with lots of features but below are some of the most useful features that you will use as a membership site owner.

Campaign Builder

The power of Keap lies in automation. The campaign builder allows you to automate your sales and marketing processes. With the help of campaigns (automations) in the campaign builder, you can segment the prospects based on their interaction, nurture them through regular email communication until they purchase or opt out, and give them access as well as guide them to the next steps after they purchase.

Hassle Free Subscription Payment Collection

Keap Max Classic allows you to create and sell subscription products. You need to set up the product and payment method just once and then you’re all set to charge user’s credit cards automatically after they purchase. You can also automate follow up and payment collection for failed payments.

Referral Tracking and Affiliate Management

Keap Max Classic is the only plan that includes affiliate management feature. You can track the lead source effectively and calculate the affiliate payment in real time. In conjunction with Memberium, you can also empower your users to view their affiliate payments, clawbacks, running balance etc at their end.

Keap Analytics

Keap Analytics provides you daily reports on customer engagement, email deliverability, payment and revenue you garner from your campaign. These details help you decide where you need to focus more to increase your Return on Investment.

A Full Comparison Of All Keap Plans and What’s Included With Each

Keap has come up with different plans with keeping different stages and needs of the small businesses. Below is the full comparison of features for all 4 Keap plans that’ll help you decide which plan is best for you.


Though all Keap plans are carefully designed keeping in mind different small businesses and where they’re at, we recommend using Keap Max Classic to run your membership site or online program with Memberium and Keap.

Below is a quick recap of all 4 plans again…

Keap Lite – It’s useful for client management for new businesses and solopreneurs, and comes with very limited functionality. This plan doesn’t work with Memberium.

Keap Pro – The biggest drawback of this plan is, you cannot sell subscription products, digital products or membership programs without using an additional eCommerce platform.

Keap Max – This plan allows you to sell subscription products but still has limitations such as lack of affiliate management feature. This plan also prohibits you from using several useful Memberium features such as self cancellation, affiliate shortcodes, order form shortcodes etc.

Keap Max Classic – We recommend using Keap Max Classic because it has all the necessary features that you may need for selling a membership program or online course.

If you’re thinking about getting started and want a good deal, you can contact us at and we can share special pricing that is a better deal than what you can get directly from Keap.


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