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What if I need help setting Memberium up?

We provide free installation for Memberium when a license is purchased. As part of your checkout process, we’ll ask you a few questions and give you the option to take advantage of the free installation offer. If you prefer that you or your team install the software we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can contact us at Support

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Does Memberium work with my technology stack?

Memberium’s main development environment is running on NginX/FPM and MariaDB. We’re designed to support a wide range of technologies and capabilities, however we can’t work with every technology. Read more to see our list.

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Does Memberium work with my web hosting provider?

We maintain the list below as a best effort guide. WordPress is a popular platform and a great many hosts support it to one degree or another. Also, a host may be able to run Memberium on one hosting plan, but not another. Hosting technology is subject to change and as we learn about new compatibilities or incompatibilities we’ll update this page.

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What are the hosting requirements for Memberium?

Our requirements are fairly simple. If you have any questions about whether your host can support Memberium, you can download our free i2SDK plugin from this site. Once you install the plugin, it will tell you if your PHP version and IonCube match our requirements.

If you do not yet have Infusionsoft, we can help connect you with one of our partners who can work with you on pricing arrangements and getting your app configured. Contact us at Support and indicate in the subject line that you need Infusionsoft.

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Can I switch from another membership plug in like iMember360 or Wishlist?

Yes, switching from WishList Member, or iMember360 is very easy. You can install the i2SDK and Memberium and set up your membership levels using the same tags. iMember360 users can use the same users and passwords as well but you will need to assign the new membership levels you’ve created to the pages and posts in your site. There is a bulk editor within Memberium so you can do this all at once if you’d like.

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Why should I choose Memberium for building my Infusionsoft membership site?

Here’s a few reasons why we believe Memberium is a good choice for you:

In summary:

We wrote Memberium to deal with shortcomings in competing products. We use it with our own clients. We have a team to support you. We’re partner oriented. Making a product that is fast, secure — that means no back doors, scalable, easy on your server, easy to maintain, extendable and FAST is our mission. We believe in you keeping control of your brand. We’re also the leading choice of mission critical membership sites.

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