This shortcode displays a list of users based on their user role or tag ID. The list can display their first and last name, Gravatar, IP address, and total number of logins.

In order for this to work, “Sync Meta Updates” option under Memberium => Settings => Performance tab needs to be enabled. In addition, for a user to be listed in the listing, they need to have logged into the site at least once or have had a Contact Update HTTP POST run on them.

This shortcode will display 10 users by default and if you’d like to display more users then you’d need to use the “count” parameter.

Also note that by default, this shortcode will only display users that have a “subscriber” user role. If you’d like to display other user roles, then you’d need to specify the role using the “roles” parameter (see examples below).

Does not render anything, but logs out the user when they view the page containing the shortcode.

This shortcode allows you to capture the output from another shortcode and store it as a local variable to be used elsewhere on your site.

This shortcode can be used to list out the child users that the parent has added. It displays child user’s First name, last name, email, phone number and also a disconnect button to remove the child user.

This shortcode lists out number of child users added, along with the total number of child users allowed.

This shortcode will create a form that will allow the parent user to add child users.

This shortcode displays the summary statistics for your affiliate record. You can show the running balance, amount earned, clawbacks, and payments.

This shortcode displays a receipt or invoice for the customer’s purchase.  The look and feel of the invoice is completely customizable with a rich combination of HTML, CSS, merge codes and Memberium shortcodes.  This combination enables you to design an invoice that looks the way you want.

This shortcode enables you to place a button on the page to perform a one click upsell. The advantage of using this shortcode is that the payment on the order is processed immediately, unlike using an actionset, which can take up to 6 hours to process the invoice payment.

Memberium uses Amazon’s cloud to secure your streaming audio. Combined with Amazon’s cloud services, MP3 streaming audio can inexpensively deliver audio using WordPress’s built-in media player, while protecting your audio content.

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