This is a conditional shortcode to control access to portions of a post or page based on the logged-in user’s WordPress role.

This shortcode displays a form that lets the user add or update their credit card details. You’d need to use this shortcode if you’re using MemberiumPay.

This shortcode is used to display the Order Form generated using MemberiumPay.

This shortcode is used to create a “My account” page if you’re using MemberiumPay.

This page can be used to allow the user/member to update their contact details, billing details, add/edit credit card details, view/cancel subscriptions, view orders, change the password, and also offers a logout option.

Conditional shortcode to control access to portions of content (page, post, partial, etc.) based on the post type the user is currently viewing.

This is especially useful when using global excerpts as you can show a different “no access” message based on the post type – such as a different message for Pages, Posts, Products, LearnDash Lessons, etc.

This shortcode outputs “yes” or “no” depending on whether a member is enrolled in a specified LearnDash course or not.

This shortcode integrates with Spiffy to provide a button that will email members an automatic Spiffy login link so they can update their payment details.

This shortcode displays information of the default Credit Card on file.

This shortcode allows you to display content in between two specified dates.

This shortcode displays a link to the RSS feed that the user can use to access RSS Feed. This link will allow particular user to be able to view RSS Feed without the need to be logged in. Please note that you should turn “Disable RSS Feeds” option to “NO” inside Memberium => Settings => Site Security in order for this to work properly.

This shortcode provides a way to display specific content for users that are currently (during current session) logged in using autologin link.

This shortcode allows parent members to view the progress of their child member’s LearnDash courses. The shortcode is used in combination with our [umbrella_list_children] shortcode.

This shortcode counts how many contacts in your Infusionsoft app have specific tag.

This shortcode copies all the session data into a JSON structure that you can use from your client side code.

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