Allowing Your Members to “Self-Cancel” Their Membership

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You can allow your members to self-cancel using our shortcode [memb_list_subscriptions].

The shortcode will display each subscription a member has and present them with a cancel button.

Detailed documentation on the shortcode can be found here

Add the Shortcode to a Page

The basic example looks like this…

[memb_list_subscriptions status="active"] 
  Subscription Name: 
  Sorry, found no subscriptions. 

…where is a variable for inserting the subscription name, to add the cancel button you’d add %%cancel.button%% (there is a whole list of other variable names on that documentation page you can also use) so maybe the shortcode you’d put into your page would look more like this…

[memb_list_subscriptions status="active"] 
  Subscription Name: 
  Cancel Subscription %%cancel.button%% 
  Sorry, found no subscriptions. 

Setup a Cancellation ActionSet in Infusionsoft

Your user clicking the “Cancel” button does not automatically remove their membership/access tags. It does automatically cancel the billing in Infusionsoft, but in order to remove access we’ll need to create an actionset.

One common cancellation action is to apply the corresponding CANC tag to the person when they cancel. Your membership levels typically have this tag, for your Gold membership as an example, you probably have a GoldCANC tag. When that tag is applied they automatically do not have the Gold membership anymore. This is because the presence of a CANC, PAYF or SUSP tag negates the presence of a regular membership tag.

In Infusionsoft, create an actionset similar to the one pictured below:

Set the Actionset to Run in Memberium

Now that you have an actionset – we’ll need to tell Memberium to run that actionset when a member cancels their subscription.

Go to Memberium >> eCommerce >> Subscriptions and find the subscription you’re wanting to configure these actions to run for. In my case, it will be the Gold subscription:

This screen works like a grid. You’ll find your subscription on the left and then move to the column you want to use and set the actionset we created earlier.

Cancel Actionset: These actions will run immediately when the cancel button is pressed. Use this to revoke access to the site immediately.

End Date Actionset: These actions will run on the end date of the subscription (usually 1 day before the next billing date). This means members can keep access to the site through the end of their already paid for billing period.

If you have any questions or need immediate assistance, reach out to our support team.

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