Upgrading to Memberium for Infusionsoft from AccessAlly: AccessAlly to Memberium Migration Guide

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This guide is intended for people porting from AccessAlly Infusionsoft to Memberium for Infusionsoft by Keap. We’re assuming you’ve been using AccessAlly with Infusionsoft. If you were using another CRM with AccessAlly, you can still migrate over, but you’ll have to move to Infusionsoft for Memberium to work. We also offer integration with ActiveCampaign which you can find out more about here.

The process of any migration to Memberium is 3 step

  1. Migrate Contacts
  2. Migrate Content
  3. Migrate Billing

With AccessAlly, all of your contacts and content should already be in place. Passwords are typically stored in Infusionsoft meaning your users can keep logging in with the same password after the migration.

The part where most people will face challenges is migrating the billing information/data. We’ll explain as much as possible in this guide and our support team is available to answer any questions at memberium.com/support.

Before you Start

Before starting the migration, we typically recommend noting down all your membership settings and disabling the old plugin. However, AccessAlly has a “Development Mode” feature that will allow you to run both plugins, so you can easily reference what you had setup in AccessAlly while also having Memberium installed.

To enable it, navigate to General Settings > Developer Tools

Then scroll down to the bottom and click the checkbox for “Development Mode”

Step 1 – Migrating Contacts

Since you’re already using Infusionsoft, all your contact data and details should be stored there. The good news is that Memberium has deep integration with Infusionsoft and so typically nothing needs to be done in terms of migrating contacts when moving from AccessAlly to Memberium for Infusionsoft.

Users passwords are also stored in Infusionsoft, by default, and Memberium can use those existing passwords. This means your users won’t notice any difference when logging in and you won’t have to force a password reset.

If you’re using a custom password field, simply select that field as the Memberium password field. See the screenshot below:

Step 2 – Migrating Content

Luckily, this step is very simple since all your content is already in WordPress. You won’t need to port over any content into WordPress, but you will need to reprotect your content. With AccessAlly, you were protecting your content with Membership levels and Tags.

Memberium works the same way. Membership levels are comprised of tags in Infusionsoft. This means by having the “Gold” tag in Infusionsoft – you can configure it so that tag corresponds to the Gold membership level. You can also protect content with just tags leaving out membership levels which is better in certain cases.

Since you already have tags in Infusionsoft, you’ll want to create membership levels from those existing tags. This guide here will explain the short steps needed to create membership levels from existing tags.

After you’ve created your membership levels, go through your existing content and protect it with the newly created membership levels.

For a detailed video showing you how to protect your content, see this video.

After you’ve gone through and protected your content, you’re done with this step.

Step 3 – Migrating Billing

Now that you’ve got all your contacts and content moved over, it’s time to see if you can move the billing to Memberium. First thing first, Memberium itself does not process payments. We integrate with Infusionsoft (or WooCommerce) to handle payments.

AccessAlly offers two ways of handling billing. They offer direct integration with Infusionsoft (like Memberium) and they also offer their own solution that uses PayPal and Stripe.

Using Infusionsoft for Billing Already

If you’re using the Infusionsoft billing, then there is nothing you need to change since all the billing is actually happening in Infusionsoft and not in AccessAlly. In other words, you can drop AccessAlly without needing to do anything to the billing side of things.

Depending on how you have things currently configured, you may need to change your campaigns to apply the correct tags if they changed, use Memberium’s Password Generator, and potentially update any emails that have AccessAlly autologin links. You can watch our getting started videos for explanations on how we recommend setting up your campaign.

Using AccessAlly for Billing

However, if you’re using AccessAlly’s billing system, you’ll unfortunately have to have your members resubscribe (keep reading for an alternate option) using either Infusionsoft’s payment system (recommended as we offer deep integration) or a payment system that integrates with Infusionsoft such as WooCommerce, SamCart, Spiffy, etc.

There is no automated way to migrate a subscription payment out of AccessAlly and into Infusionsoft. However, you can navigate to:

AccessAlly > Purchase Logs > Subscriptions and from there, you can export a list of all active subscriptions.


This will allow you to email your paid subscribers to have them register for a subscription in Infusionsoft or your payment system of choice.

Alternatively, if you have too many subscribers and you worry that they won’t sign up again (which is a valid concern), you can keep AccessAlly running in development mode until they cancel or until you can get them to move to the new platform. You’d only be using AccessAlly for billing purposes while Memberium would be protecting your content.

Scroll Down to the bottom and click

Final Thoughts & Tips

After migrating your contacts, content, and billing, you’re almost to the point of having a fully working Memberium powered membership site. We’d suggest you watch our getting started videos which will cover the basics of Memberium, how to setup/modify your onboarding/delivery campaigns, and go over some of the more advanced features we offer.

Every migration is slightly different since everyone has a unique site running different plugins. Our guide won’t and can’t cover every single scenario imaginable, but we hope it’s enough to help you connect the dots of your own migration. If you’re still stuck, reach out to our support team at memberium.com/support.

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